Craniosacral Therapy in Cork
With Carina Collins

For your Newborn Infant, Baby or Toddler.

Hi - My name is Carina Collins and I practice Craniosacral Therapy at the Elmwood Medical Centre, Frankfield - near Cork. 

Perhaps your Newborn Infant, Baby or Toddler is suffering from discomfort and pain because of Colic or Constipation? 

Or maybe following Birth complications?

Relief from pain and discomfort means so much - but your baby can be just too tender or too delicate to have many physical interventions. 

Maybe you have tried this therapy for your baby or toddler already - or maybe you are wondering just What is CranioSacral Therapy? (CST) 

Well, people find that this Therapy is especially useful in situations where a light and gentle touch is absolutely essential

Conditions That Respond to Craniosacral Therapy.

I have found that this Therapy works very effectively with a wide range of:

Natural conditions such as:

Help with temporary conditions such as:

Longer-term conditions such as managing the support of:

We aim to complement the mainstream medical support that you are receiving with a treatment that is both gentle and effective. 

SO ... If you live locally – I will be delighted to meet and work with you (and your baby). I work from Elmwood Medical Practice in Frankfield, Douglas, Cork. 

OR ... If you live a little further away, please feel free to explore this site. I aim to present many stories and examples – helping you to decide how CST might help you and your family. 

Until we meet,
Carina Collins, CranioSacral Therapist.

P.S. Never had a CST Treatment before? - see here for what to expect from a CranioSacral Treatment.

Contact Carina at 087 6088065 for an initial appointment (or use our contact form here to find out more).