Wild animals can be scary and deadly. However, contrary to what you think, there are smaller species that can be dangerous to humans. Insects. While it is true that they smaller than lions and other feline species, they could have toxins and venom that cause death. It is the very reason why a lot of homeowners are advised to contact a pest control Cape Coral whenever they get infested with insects in their homes. It is safer when you do not deal with them by yourself and let the professionals do the work. 

Here are the deadliest insects in the world that you should avoid: 

  1. Fire Ants – fire ants have more than two hundred species, and most of them sting when they bite. Although a single bite can never put you to death, ants usually attack as a group when they are threatened. This can cause the venom and their sting noticeable to you. Once bitten, you will see a white pustule that can last up to two weeks, and the bite can even leave some skin allergies. So be aware. 

2. Tsetse Flies – these flies are commonly found in Africa, and it is said that their attack has caused a million deaths in Africa alone. Although their sting can primarily cause the victim a sleeping sickness, the victim can die when the bite is not immediately treated. In fact, because of how fatal they can be to the African population, they are considered to be the African deadliest biting insect. 

  1. Kissing bugs – kissing bugs can sound so deceptive. While kissing is something humans find sweet and romantic, you might want to reconsider when talking about kissing bugs. Kissing bugs, though, are called this way because they have the habit of biting human lips while the human is sleeping. They primarily suck vertebrates’ blood as they grow but begin to prey on animals and humans when they reach adulthood. Their bite can result in rashes and welts, and they are also a potential carrier of Trypanosoma cruzi, a parasite that can be deadly when left untreated. For the record, kissing bugs are said to have caused 12,000 human deaths annually.  
  1. Bot flies – the female bot fly lays her eggs within the mammal’s skin, and this is where the eggs would hatch. The larvae would penetrate deeper into the skin within 60 days. Although they leave the skin when they have grown, they can still cause Myiasis, which is an infection that causes changes in the skin. 

5. Mosquitoes – because mosquitoes cause more than a million deaths in humans per year, they are considered to be the deadliest insect in the world. This is not just because they sting, but they also are also a potential carrier of malaria and other deadly diseases that kill humans. The World Health Organization reported that a child dies every 30 seconds because of a mosquito bite. Besides malaria, mosquitoes are also a potential carrier of yellow fever, dengue fever, West Nile virus, encephalitis, and other deadly viruses.