Asthma in Babies.

I have found that Asthma in Babies is very amenable to CranioSacral Therapy treatment.

While I will concern myself with infant asthma in this article - the onset of asthma may occur in adulthood, middle or old age (also see Asthma in Children).

As a baby is being born and passing through the birth canal its skull and spinal column are compressed. These little bones sometimes slide on top of each other or move into the wrong spot and become stuck. If these back bones (vertebrae) remain stuck they pinch on the nerves coming from the spinal column. This then affects the lungs and breathing.

Con's Story.

When Con came to see me he was just a few weeks old but in his breathing he was rasping like an old man. His mother explained that his labour was long and heavy. He was happy - and feeding well - but she was worried about his noisy breathing.

I placed my hands on Con’s vertebral column and noticed a compression of the vertebrae between his shoulder blades. I worked along the spinal column allowing the areas to soften and relax. Con left out a big sigh of relief as the restrictions released. By the end of the treatment his breathing was barely audible.

In the next two treatments I worked primarily with the cranial bones and membranes of the head. The bones are sometimes pulled out of place by a tight membrane. Con’s head felt tight and so with a gentle touch and encouragement his cranium “skull” began to soften and release. This is important as it allows the brain space to grow and develop.

Con came for a follow up treatment on his first birthday as his mum wanted to maintain optimum health for her son. Con is now over a year old and has had no breathing problems to date.

In my experience Craniosacral therapy treatments at any age can help cope and sometimes eliminate asthma.

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