Asthma in Children

Asthma in children - in my experience - is very amenable to being treated with CranioSacral Therapy.

While I am looking at childhood asthma on this page - the onset of asthma may also occur in older children, middle or old age.

Kieran's Story.
Kieran's Mum wanted to manage his asthma using fewer drugs. She had heard about CranioSacral Therapy and understood that it had been quite successful with others in similar situations.

Even before the age of four, Kieran had difficulty breathing. He was on an inhaler and when his attacks became severe he used a nebulizer. He had been placed on numerous courses of antibiotics and all this at such a young age!

During his first CranioSacral Therapy treatment Kieran had a distinctive wheeze and was very tired as he had just completed a course of antibiotics. He was content to lie on the plinth while his mum read to him.

Initially I worked at his feet and lower spine to gain his trust and not overwhelm him. As his body relaxed I became aware of restrictions patterns around his respiratory diaphragm and cranial bones. While releasing the chest tightness his mum noticed that his wheeze had quietened.

Kieran had an asthma attack but only used his inhaler. He didn’t need a nebuliser this time.

Over the next few treatments I worked progressively in alleviating the restrictions as they were presented. At this stage Kieran would fall asleep for about five minutes into the treatments and I was able to work around the head bones without disturbing him. Yes, believe it or not our bodies can do wonderful work in CranioSacral Therapy while we sleep!

His mum registered the changes in Kieran’s breath. She remarked that she had not seen him breathe so deeply in a long time. While he was tired after each treatment overall his energy was increasing.

After the fifth treatment Kieran’s mum felt that he was coping well and had avoided antibiotics that winter so far.

I continue to see Kieran for “top up” treatments every few months or if his mum notices any change in his breathing pattern.

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