Pool Guide for Homeowners 

When you have a pool, there are two critical questions that need to be answered: how deep an indoor pool can be and how deep your pool should be before the installation. Most homeowners think that it is not essential, but the size can affect both the construction and maintenance cost as well as the design and style. So, it is an important thing you need to take into consideration. Make sure that you contact your trusted pool service Cape Coral for professional advice.  

To help you decide for the correct dept that your property needs, we provide here the vital information you need to know for a guide. Read on. 

Residential and commercial pools are not the same in terms of the needed depth. Residential pools should be at eight feet maximum. It is the standard in-depth of residential pools, and you usually observe that most households have this pool depth. However, pool companies can construct deeper pools than this.  

When you plan to have a diving board, the eight feet becomes the minimum depth that your indoor pool should be, as this is enough for anyone to dive safely in the pool. Furthermore, pools with a diving board should also be constructed larger than those with no diving board. Moreover, having pools with diving boards pose a lot of safety concerns, and this is the reasons why it has lost its popularity over the year.  

In deciding that depth is fitted for you, consider the following: 

What would be the primary function of your pool?  

Your pool can be used for swimming laps, wading, diving, and playing games. All of these pool activities, excluding diving, do not require too much depth. If you want your pool to serve many purposes, you may also consider having different depth levels in your pool, usually ranging from three to eight feet.  

When you want your pool to serve as a recreational pool, the pool should not be too deep, but the size of the pool should be bigger than the regular pool. For diving, eight feet is the minimum, and for swimming laps, the pool should be longer. Although a more extended pool is not strictly necessary, it can be efficient and functional to serve its purpose.  

Who will use the pool? 

If you are all adults in the house, an eight feet pool would be enough. However, if you have children at home, consider having a shallow pool, if not a pool with multiple depths.  

It would help if you considered that both shallow and deep pools pose dangers to anyone. A shallow pool can also be dangerous for anyone who dives, and a deeper pool is hazardous to anyone who does not know how to swim. It is all about knowing who will be using the pool in the house and cater to their needs and abilities.  

Summary of depths: 

Adults – eight feet  

Children – up to three feet 

Swimming laps and games – three to six feet 

Lounging – three to four feet  

Garden Door vs. Patio Door: Which is Better? 

In this year, purchases have become more expensive than before the pandemic. And renovating is something that can be quite costly if you are not decisive and assessing the right materials and fair labor.  

There are many decisions you need to make when you are renovating, and one is knowing what kinds of windows and doors you need to install, besides the fixtures and furnishings. There are also a lot of options available for you, and that includes a patio and garden door.  

Take note that when you have a garden or patio door replacement or installment, always contact a professional team and avoid doing it by yourself if you do not have any knowledge and experience in doing such activities. Otherwise, you will end with more expenses and labor.  

Patio and Garden Door: What Are Their Differences? 

These two doors have a lot of similarities. They both have wall openings that allow you to access the outside area, and both can be ideal for your backyard or garden. However, these two popular doors, no matter how similar, still have differences. The main difference lies in their hinges. A garden door is screwed, while the patio door uses a sliding mechanism to open and close. Because of this difference, a patio door is also known as a sliding door and a garden door as a swinging door.  

Which is Better Between the Two? 

If you want a more traditional look, then the garden door is for you. However, if you want a more modern look, then the patio is the ideal one for you. The following are the things you need to know to help you decide which door fits your need: 

1. Experts believe that patio doors are commonly made with durable materials compared to garden doors. This is why if you want to be certain of the material quality of the door, then opt for the patio door.  

2. Since one of the things you need to consider highly is your budget, you need to take into account the price you want and can afford. Garden doors can be commonly expensive compared to patio doors. However, this can depend on the kind and quality of materials that are used in making the doors. Since patio doors can be cheap and durable, patio doors are more ideal and cost-effective. 

3. Patio doors are more customizable than garden doors since the patio uses a sliding mechanism. It resembles a very large glass window, so you can make use of its energy-efficient feature. Patio doors are good providers of natural light during the daytime and wind during the night. Just make sure that you have a good lock mechanism to avoid robbery.  

4. If you have a small space, which Is compact, a patio door is more efficient since it slides sideward; it does not occupy bigger room space. 


Depending on your preferences and budget, both doors can be as efficient as you like. All you need to ensure is to contact a professional service and let them give you practical advice which you can use in deciding which use to install.  

5 Deadliest Insects You Should Avoid 

Wild animals can be scary and deadly. However, contrary to what you think, there are smaller species that can be dangerous to humans. Insects. While it is true that they smaller than lions and other feline species, they could have toxins and venom that cause death. It is the very reason why a lot of homeowners are advised to contact a pest control Cape Coral whenever they get infested with insects in their homes. It is safer when you do not deal with them by yourself and let the professionals do the work. 

Here are the deadliest insects in the world that you should avoid: 

  1. Fire Ants – fire ants have more than two hundred species, and most of them sting when they bite. Although a single bite can never put you to death, ants usually attack as a group when they are threatened. This can cause the venom and their sting noticeable to you. Once bitten, you will see a white pustule that can last up to two weeks, and the bite can even leave some skin allergies. So be aware. 

2. Tsetse Flies – these flies are commonly found in Africa, and it is said that their attack has caused a million deaths in Africa alone. Although their sting can primarily cause the victim a sleeping sickness, the victim can die when the bite is not immediately treated. In fact, because of how fatal they can be to the African population, they are considered to be the African deadliest biting insect. 

  1. Kissing bugs – kissing bugs can sound so deceptive. While kissing is something humans find sweet and romantic, you might want to reconsider when talking about kissing bugs. Kissing bugs, though, are called this way because they have the habit of biting human lips while the human is sleeping. They primarily suck vertebrates’ blood as they grow but begin to prey on animals and humans when they reach adulthood. Their bite can result in rashes and welts, and they are also a potential carrier of Trypanosoma cruzi, a parasite that can be deadly when left untreated. For the record, kissing bugs are said to have caused 12,000 human deaths annually.  
  1. Bot flies – the female bot fly lays her eggs within the mammal’s skin, and this is where the eggs would hatch. The larvae would penetrate deeper into the skin within 60 days. Although they leave the skin when they have grown, they can still cause Myiasis, which is an infection that causes changes in the skin. 

5. Mosquitoes – because mosquitoes cause more than a million deaths in humans per year, they are considered to be the deadliest insect in the world. This is not just because they sting, but they also are also a potential carrier of malaria and other deadly diseases that kill humans. The World Health Organization reported that a child dies every 30 seconds because of a mosquito bite. Besides malaria, mosquitoes are also a potential carrier of yellow fever, dengue fever, West Nile virus, encephalitis, and other deadly viruses.  

When to Install New Gutters 

You might be wondering if you need to install a new gutter system for your house. Perhaps your new house does not have any gutter system. Maybe your old home has an aging gutter system. Well, it does not matter what your reason is. It is extremely important to have a gutter system for your house.  

One of the most important yet neglected parts of the house is the gutter system. Since we rarely see it, a lot of homeowners think they don’t need to install a new one. However, that should not be the case.  

Before you search for “gutter installation near me” on Google, here are some things to consider: 

Corroded Gutters 

You might find that the joints are leaking when corrosion starts. Oftentimes, you can fix these issues. However, corrosion will slowly spread to the whole gutter system. Eventually, you’ll end up with leaks all along your gutters. Keep in mind that corrosion never stops. If you choose to ignore your corroded gutters, the corrosion will slowly spread to other parts of your home. Because of this, it is always a wise move to get rid of corroded gutters as soon as possible. You can do this by installing a new one.  

Corroded gutters will become extremely fragile if you ignore them long enough. They can fall apart when you hold them. This issue is usually common in old homes. However, it can also happen to a new house who aren’t able to replace the gutters as soon as corrosion starts.  

Heavily Damaged Gutters 

Though you can fix some gutters, it is sometimes not worth it if there are a lot of other issues. This is particularly true with leaks. A single repair is cheap. However, the costs can add up if you have to fix several problems. Also, there is a high possibility that more damage will reveal down the line. On these occasions, it is a lot better to simply replace the entire gutter system.  

Oftentimes, mechanical damage occurs due to storms. Usually, strong winds blow debris into the gutter. This bends the gutters, punch holes through them, or split at the seams. If you’ve got homeowner’s insurance, you should check to see if it covers gutter replacement due to storm damage.  

No Gutters 

Whenever you purchase an old house, there is a huge possibility that there are no gutters on it. The reason for this is that the old homeowner probably removed them to avoid fixing them. If this is the case, you’re probably wondering if you should install a new one. The simple answer is yes.  

Gutters are crucial since they protect your home from leaks. This is particularly true if you live in a region where it gets a lot of rain. As a homeowner, you need to examine the ability of your house to deal with rain. This will help you avoid expensive damages in the future.  

While it might cost you money upfront, installing a new gutter system in your house is a well-worth investment.  

Exterior Paint Trends for 2021 

Have you ever heard of the phrase “trends come and go”? Well, when it comes to exterior paint trends, that phrase is true. However, it will help you achieve an all-time classic if you incorporate your style into your home exterior color choice.  

You cannot go wrong if you completely understand what your style is when it comes to decorating. Are you planning to change the paint of your home’s exterior? If so, there are exterior paint trends that you should consider this year.  

Before you hire a professional painting Cape Coral company, here are exterior paint trends to consider for 2021: 


This trend is perhaps one trend that nobody expects to see. Not even experts believe that black can be trending for 2021. However, if done properly, black looks extremely chic. Thus, it is back in the trends.  

If you want to provide your house an edge over your neighbors, you should try to go dark on your home’s exterior. It works as an excellent complement to natural materials on the exterior. If you’ve got metal or wooden accents on your home’s exterior, think about adding a darker shade.  

Dark Gray 

Recently, there has been an increase in dark gray home exteriors. They usually look almost black. Are you a fan of moody, charcoal, or dark gray? If so, this trend is for you. It’s a classic color scheme.  

Pale Green and Blue as an Accent Color 

Today, people are seeing a rise in popularity for pale green and blue. This is particularly true when it comes to accents. These colors are extremely calming. However, they’re also interesting to look at.  

If you’re looking for a calm exterior, you should try this trend. Utilize these hues on your door or shutters. You can also combine them with a lush green landscape and a creamy white base paint. 


Yes, you have read it right. The two-toned exteriors trend many years ago is back again. This trend was extremely popular back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. However, the two-toned look is coming back.  

Unlike before, the modern two-tone trend integrates more modern colors, such as beige and slate. This will help add intrigue and dimension to the house. It works as an excellent accent to any type of architecture.  


Paint is a game-changer. This is perhaps one of the most important things to know. However, you should do it if you can add some wood or stain to the exterior of your house. This year, there is going to be a trend towards natural elements and earthy shades. Wood is an ideal approach if you want to embrace the trend.  

Warm Whites 

White is an all-time classic. It will never get old. When it comes to boosting the curb appeal of your home, white is an easy choice. Choosing warm whites for your exterior can make a lot of difference. Nowadays, people are choosing warm whites for their exterior. Then, they add dark accents to make the color pop more.