Pregnancy Back Pain.

Back pain and Pregnancy often go together and it is a common ailment I treat with Craniosacral Therapy.

The causes of back pain may be many - ruptured disc, trauma from a car accident, epiduarals etc.

As pregnancy progresses, this places an extra strain on the spine. If the spine has been compressed before pregnancy, the extra weight of a growing fetus now increases the risk of back pain. However, all pregnant clients experience experience some discomfort in the final few weeks of the pregnancy.

The clients I see during their pregancy come for CranioSacral Therapy as they see it as a drug-free, gentle and effective therapy - which makes it very suitable for the "mum-to-be".

In early pregnancy, around the 3rd to 4th month, clients often complain of pain the upper/middle back. While in the later stages of pregnancy lower lumbar pain is common. The pressure on the lower back now increases as the baby moves downwards into the pelvis.

If the client has had a history of back pain then CranioSacral Therapy treatments throughout the pregnancy are advisable, as this supports the body through the ongoing stages of pregnancy and alleviates more severe back problems before they arise.

For lower back pain just at the end of pregnancy, it is wonderful to combine Craniosacral treatments with simple yoga or water-based routines. Many of my clients find that this approach relieves back tension between treatments and relieves stress on the pelvic area which assists the body in preparing for birth.

Anne's Story.
Anne cam to see me in her 31st week of pregnancy. She was experiencing lower back discomfort and sitting at her work desk was very uncomfortable. I placed my hands on her feet, hips, shoulders and head to assess the level of restriction in her body. I immediatley felt her lower back tension and found that her sacrum (lower spine) was very restricted. With a gentle touch - no more than the weight of a 5c coin - I encouraged the movement of the sacrum along a path of correction. I was also aware of a restriction in the neck and into her head. When I mentioned this to Anne, she told me that she had very severe headachesprevious to the pregnancy.

After the first session Anne was aware of a feeling of tenderness where we had worked. This surprised her as she had hardly felt my touch. She was pain-free for five days following the treatment. On the second session, I again checked the lower spine, but this time concentrated on the base of her skull and top of her spine. As I worked here, Anne became aware of the sensation and connection between her "head" and her "tail".

Dr. John Upledger (the founder of CST) discovered previously that if the tailbone is misplaced, then an extra tension is placed on the membrane (dura matter) around the spine. This tension travels towards the head and can compromise the working of our CranioSacral System and cause headaches.

After a third session, a balance was established between the lower back and head. Anne also did some simple yoga exercises at home each day. Both of these approaches helped to relieve pain before the birth but also addressed a back problem that would have resurfaced in the future.

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