Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding Difficulties.

One of my most anxious moments as a new Mum was while wondering if my baby was breastfeeding well and getting the right amount of breast milk.

Luckily, I had my own Mother nearby with lots of advice and encouragement.

Many new Mums I see in my practice in Cork today are living away from their immediate families and use the services of a breastfeeding consultant. These experts provide a necessary support service for the newly breast feeding Mum and help to iron out any problems.

However, if the infant is still having feeding difficulties, then the services of a Craniosacral Therapist may be of great assistance. Once such baby was referred to me recently.

Molly's Story.
Molly was premature - born at 36 weeks and had been fed by tube for the first few weeks. Afterwards, she had difficulty latching onto the breast and her suck reflex was impaired.

During her first treatment, Molly actually put my finger in her mouth - showing me where I needed to work. I then assisted the bones of the hard palate (upper jaw) that were jammed together and preventing a strong sucking reflex. When these bones became free to move, Molly's sucking reflex became much stronger.

After this initial treatment, Molly's Mum noticed that she latched on with ease, sucked harder and didn't seem to take in air so much while feeding.

While Molly came to me as an infant for treatment - and this is certainly the best (and easiest) time to right any difficulties with feeding - I have treated older children whom have had similar difficulties. They generally need more treatments and may need to release some emotional trauma related to the mouth and feeding. 

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