Infant Colic:
Using CranioSacral Therapy to Treat Colic

Infant Colic and related distress symptoms with your baby are often some of the hardest for the parents to bear and live with.

You are exhilarated - and exhausted - following the birth of your infant. You then notice that baby seems uncomfortable - if not in downright pain - especially after feeding. Sleep comes in snatches - both for you and the baby! This is often the picture that I am presented with when treating an infant who has been brought to me for the treatment of colic.

I have found in my practice that the presence of infant colic symptoms often appear after a difficult birth (duration, physical restrictions etc.) and with CranioSacral Therapy we pay special attention to the way the bones in the skull are coming together as well as restrictions on the spine.

These restrictions are often affecting the Vagus nerve which has a direct impact on a baby's breathing and digestion. The following are some examples (names have been changed).

Joseph's Story.

Josephs parents brought him to me when he was just 5 weeks old. He had problems with colic (you could also see it in his parent's sleepless eyes) - and was restless most of the time, with pain coming in waves especially after feeding.

They had decided to feed Joseph with formula rather than breastfeeding and were experimenting with changing the mix - but with little success.

Joseph had a difficult birth - he was born vaginally, but with the cord wrapped around his neck. He cried all the way through the first treatment which lasted for 45 minutes.

During that time I worked on his cranial bones and released restrictions in his neck and at the top of the spine. I find that infants typically need from two to six treatments to see full relief of symptoms and so we arranged to meet again a week later.

When Joseph and his parents returned, they were happy to say that while Joseph had been "cranky" the evening after the treatment, he both fed better and slept more in the following week.

I carried out a similar treatment that day and Joseph was noticeable for his quietness! We had a third and final session two weeks later and Joseph's parents were happy to report that he was now feeding and sleeping normally.

Please note that the two sessions stated as a minimum above depends on how early I get to see the child after colic symptoms develop. I have noticed recently that some parents only bring their child to see me when the child has been in distress for some time - and this can result in an extended number of treatments. Every case is different.

I also recommend that the parents return with the child during times of "growth spurts" which can often bring back symptoms experienced immediately after a birth.

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