Crainosacral Therapy .... Brilliant Result !!

by Marie O'Sullivan

My son Marc was born by c-section at 39 weeks and weighed over 10lbs. I thought he would have no problems feeding but at 2 weeks old his feeds went way down and he was only taking 2-3 oz over 45 mins every 4 hours.. he also developed reflux and colic so would scream a lot in pain around feeds and evening time.

Also, when he slept he would not allow me to turn his head from side to side so he developed a flat spot on the back of his head. I took Marc to Carina at 2 months old - he is now 5 months old and like a different child.

His reflux and colic were gone after a few sessions ... he finishes most of his 8oz bottles now and the back of his head has greatly improved. He also turns his head from side to side on his own now while sleeping and he sleeps 9-10 hours a night now also .. result!!

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Nov 14, 2011
very interesting!
by: Anonymous

Interesting baby had alot going on following c-section..& following Carinas sessions..problems seem to be resolved..happy baby-happy mum..great!

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