CranioSacral Therapy alleviated back discomfort in both Mum and Baby

by Nessa Hosford

Hi all,

My name is Nessa.I would highly recommend going to Carina for CranioSacral Therapy.

For me, the back discomfort started early in my pregancy. I was going to ante-natal yoga and I knew something wasn't right. The instructor recommended going to CST to re-align ones pelvis and I decided to go and see if it would improve the back pain.

I was amazed firstly by the improvement from treatment to treatment and by the reaction and movement of the baby while I was undergoing the treatments. The back discomfort disappeared. Carina discovered that a previous sports injury was the problem. I had never treated it because the back pain had gone away.

When I had baby William, vacuum was used during the birth. From the outset, William hated lying on his back and used to scream in discomfort while changing him and whenever we put him down to sleep. he also had some feeding difficulties.

My gut feeling was something wasn't right and when he was ten days old I brought him to Carina. It was really interesting to observe him during the treatments and it was obvious by the way his body was reacting and moving to them that he really needed them. He had five treatments and there was an improvement after each one especially towards the latter few. He was been a new baby since. No more crying lying on his back.

That's my story, the treatments were definitely worth it!

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Jun 29, 2011
Thanks Nessa and William!
by: Anonymous

Nessa,thank you for sharing your experience of craniosacral therapy and how it helped during pregnancy and for your baby's back pain. I feel you raised an important point about the last few sessions making a big difference. This is my experience more and more that it is the baby or patient that dictates the number of sessions required- simply by getting better as treaments progress! Carina

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