Back Pain Relief.

CranioSacral Therapy for Chronic Back Pain Relief.

Are you looking for Back Pain Relief and Treatment?

People with Back Pain have often been through all available formal medical interventions before they come to myself looking for back pain relief - CranioSacral Therapy is often seen as a complementary therapyof "last resort".

The thing that I have discovered with Back Pain Treatment is that back pain is the "black hole" of formal medicine - difficult to alleviate and cure. Often, temporary respite is given, but the symptoms often reoccur. The client then sees themselves as someone who "just has a bad back".

The other type of Bad Back that comes my way has to do with being the byproduct of a natural condition, such as Pregnancy.

The mum often puts up with this discomfort as she feels it is only temporary. However, I have found that this Back Pain can be managed very effectively through the pregnancy.

Some Examples.

Before I give some examples of clients with presenting "bad backs", I'd like to point out that often while the alleviation of the symptoms is straghtforward enough - often a change in lifestyle is necessary to bring the discomfort down to manageable levels or, indeed, cause it to vanish for good.

This is, especially initially, a big challenge for many of us. I mean, who wants to give up the way we act, work etc. - especially when it has worked for us so far? However, lifestyle adjustments are often easier than we think - but only after we have accepted that they are necessary!

Mary-Ann's Story.
Mary-Ann came to me initially last year. She felt very stressed in her job as a nurse and had a tired and sore back almost continuously. She wanted a little relaxation time.

It became quickly clear, however, that her back pain was getting in the way of both her work and life in general. So, we started to use CranioSacral Therapy.

She had a lot of restriction in the lumbar region of the back and we worked on freeing this up through the initial session. We also talked about her work habits. It turned out that she spent long periods of time sitting at a work station.

Following that initial treatment, she felt tender in her back for about 2 days. After that, she felt relieved of the symptoms for about 5 days.

We had our second session and she brought up other aspects of her condition - Sinusitus and Migraine. There was a lot of tightness around the neck and this appeared to be linked to the lumbar problems.

As we went through the second session, loosening up around the neck and head, she started to realise the aspects of her habits in the workplace and home that were aggravating her symptoms and came up with ways of limiting them or eliminating them - all while still getting her work (and life) done!

This tends to happen a lot when I have a client lying down and focusing on their body restrictions.

After six CranioSacral sessions spread over 2 months, Mary Ann experienced a huge relief in her Back Pain, Headaches and Sinusitis. I feel that the treatments had a large part to play in this relief - however, it is going to be her change in lifestyle habits that sustain the change.

Once these initial six sessions were over, I met with Mary-Ann once every 6 weeks for six months and would recommend seeing her every 6 months thereafter.

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