Neck Pain Relief.

Relieve Chronic Neck Pain with CranioSacral Therapy.

Do you suffer from Chronic Neck Pain?

As a client of mine once said "it's not until you have neck pain that you realise just how heavy your head is!"

One of the areas that I am often presented with (sometimes in a roundabout way) is Neck Pain - mostly Chronic Neck Pain. I say roundabout because there is often a range of symptoms involved such as back painheadache or migraine, tiredness etc.

Most of all, it's the sheer discomfort with everyday actions such as driving, lifting children etc. that causes people to eventually call.

With neck pain - as with back pain - while the alleviation of the symptoms are straghtforward enough, often a change in lifestyle is necessary to bring the discomfort down to manageable levels or indeed, cause it to vanish for good.

John's Story.
John experienced restriction in his neck leading to problems with swallowing. He had already been for formal medical treatment and was now prepared to try a complementary therapy.

I find that this is the route a lot of clients take (also a very safe route) - it makes my role easier knowing what has gone before as well as a full medical history.

There was a big change in John's restriction after just one session. However, as he had the condition for a number of months, it was important to continue with more treatments and monitor the improvements.

Some clients go away after just one successful session feeling that they are "cured" - but I often hear from them a month later when the symptoms re-appear.

John had 5 craniosacral sessions initially over a period of 10 weeks. Most of the work was concentrated on the Vagus nerve. The most interesting thing was the way that unexpected improvements occurred. It turned out that John had experienced ringing in the ears (Tinnitus), dizzy spells (Vertigo) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome for a number of years. He found that these symptoms started to ease as the treatments progressed.

As noted before, many symptoms can be alleviated with CranioSacral Therapy - but the root cause often needs to be tackled to prevent reoccurence. In Johns case, he started to pay a lot more attention to lifestyle areas such as diet and the overall eating experience (chewing, time given to eating etc.)

I then saw John once a month over a six month period and once every six months after that. The empahasis in his treatments is now on body balance and wellness.

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