CranioSacral Therapy for a wide range of Specific Conditions.

Because CranioSacral Therapy works at such a fundamental level in the body, it can be very effective with a wide range of surface symptoms.

Obviously, each person and situation is different – but I have personally seen CranioSacral Therapy relieve many of the symptoms of the conditions covered in this section - as well as supporting the ongoing management of more serious conditions. This section outlines situations that I have been involved in as well as providing further information.

Back Pain.
People with Back Pain have often been through all available formal medical interventions before they come to myself - CranioSacral Therapy is often seen as a complementary therapy of "last resort". The thing that I have discovered with Back Pain is that it is the "black hole" of formal medicine - difficult to alleviate and cure. Read more about treatingBack Pain. 

Migraine and Persistent Headache.
Quite a few of my clients have come to me for treatment for persistent headache or Migraine. Dr. Upledger (the founder of CST) has commented "that we CranioSacral Therapists are 80-90% successful, no matter what type of headache is presented to us." I have found this to be true in the majority of cases that I have worked upon. Read more about Migraine Treatment. 

I am reminded of a client of mine who presented with physiological problems, but also felt a persistent depression over the previous year. When examined, he displayed a triad compression. So, with his permission I began using CranioSacral techniques to release all three compressions. The improvement in his mood was startling and his stomach cramps and nervousness also disappeared. Read more aboutTreatments for Depression. 

TMJ Treatment.
TMJ is inevitiably linked to psychological and lifestyle stress. When treating the symptoms and root cause, it is important to break the cycle of increased stress, increased TMJ symptoms. Read more about TMJ Treatment. 

I find that Asthma - especially Asthma in Children, can be treated very effectively with CST - especially as part of the overall managment of the condition. Read more about treating Asthma in Children. 

Whiplash from Car Accident.
I often work with clients who have been in an automobile accident and are suffering the symptoms of Whiplash. It is usually essentila to see these people as soon as possible after the accident. This is also possible as CranioSacral Therapy is so gentle in it's approach. Read more about treating Whiplash. 

When a client arrives at my clinic suffering from Sinusitis, they normally do so after being prescribed a series of antibiotics by their doctor. Quite often, the antibiotic leads to other distressing side effects e.g. an upset digestive system.

However, the Sinusitis is typically kept at bay only so long as the client remains on the antibiotic. What is the alternative? Read more about treating Sinusitis. 

Chronic Neck Pain.
As a client of mine once said "it's not until you have neck pain that you realise just how heavy your head is!"

One of the areas that I am often presented with (sometimes in a roundabout way) is Neck Pain. I say roundabout because there is often a range of symptoms involved such as back pain, headache, tiredness, etc. Most of all, it's the sheer discomfort with everyday actions such as driving, lifting children etc. that causes people to eventually call. Read more about treating Chronic Neck Pain. 

The Cause of Tinnitus can be down to a single incident or be quite systemic. CranioSacral Therapy can work successfully with some of these causes and provide only temporary relief with others. Read more aboutTinnitus Treatment. 

Some time ago, a client (Carol) in her mid-20's mentioned that she and her sister both had Scoliosis (spine curvature). This condition was most pronounced during their teens and led them to having medical interventions at that time. It occurred to me that CranioSacral Therapy may have helped to prevent this problem which became more pronounced as their bodies developed. Read more about treating Scoliosis. 

Cerebral Palsy.
Some of the symptoms associated with Cerebral palsy in babies become evident to parents at an early age. I sometimes see babies whose parents wish to manage these symptoms as early as possible. Read more about treating Cerebral Palsy in Babies.

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