Craniosacral Therapy helped with my little girl's obsessive behaviour

Carina began treating Saoirse when she was 4 years old. From a very early age Saoirse began to display obsessive behaviour; things had to be done in a particular way, following a particular order.

When there was any minor deviation from the "required" order she went into melt-down. This made life very difficult for herself and for the whole family. I was becoming increasingly concerned about her (the obsessions were getting worse) and decided to give CST a try.

Within weeks we started to see improvements. Six months later, the obsessions have gone, she is much more relaxed and calm, and better able to deal with problems. The change has been "miraculous". We are only sorry we didn't go to Carina earlier.

Our experience has shown that CST is not just effective for babies but for children of any age. I strongly recommend Carina to anyone concerned about their child's behaviour.

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Jun 29, 2011
Calming effect of CST
by: Carina

Thanks so much for taking time to tell us Saoirse's Story. Overtime Saoirse was able to allow the release of tension from her body and experince the calmness that accompanies a free craniosacral system. When this calmness slips she just returns for a follow-up session. Craniosacral therapy works very effectively as a preventive therapy. Carina.

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