Craniosacral Therapy Interviews:

Trish Ryan from Mother Goose Playschool and Creche.

The following interview is with Trish Ryan - owner of Mother Goose Montessori Playschool and Creche - including afterschool care - in beautiful Kinsale in Co. Cork. Not only does Trish run a busy business - she's also the mum of three healthy young boys!

Hi Trish! How long have you had a playschool?

I started in my home in 2003 and moved to our present location in 2005.I have been at St. John’s school for 4 years now.

How did you come to hear about Craniosacral therapy?

A friend of mine told me about you Carina and your craniosacral clinic. She had tragically lost a baby and had gone to you for Craniosacral therapy. She found it very helpful. I was fascinated about it and wanted to try for myself.

When did you first come for Craniosacral therapy?

I brought Noah my son for treatment when he was around 13 months in 2007.

Why did you bring Noah for a treatment?

He was never a good sleeper and we had brought him for cranial osteopathy as an infant. We believed him to be a colicky baby. He grew out of the colic at 12 weeks as my doctor had predicted but at 13 months his sleeping problems returned.

He was also teething and so I decided to see what craniosacral therapy was all about. And for myself, I had read that it might be helpful in getting pregnant.

What did you notice after the first treatment or subsequent treatments?

The first time he was awake and running around. I saw that the craniosacral therapy work is very subtle and after that treatment I noticed that he was more relaxed. It was after the second treatment that I saw the greatest improvement.

He had fallen asleep on the way to your centre and when we brought him in he stayed asleep. That treatment was just amazing. To see him even in his sleep not wanting you to touch certain parts of his head and he left out a big sigh at one stage.

Another profound thing that happened was that he had always had a ridge on his head and after that treatment I felt that that ridge had gone. I remember vividly how he got up after the treatment.

He woke up and was walking around the room and you were helping him put on his coat but he sat back in close to you. It was almost like he was in a trance and you said that he wanted you to do more work on him and you did and after that treatment he was a more relaxed and chilled out child.

You now recommend children in your playschool to attend for craniosacral therapy. What problems have you seen craniosacral therapy work for with these children?

I would see children where it is difficult to pinpoint what’s the matter with them but, putting it simply, they seem to be a bit bothered and find it difficult to adjust to routine.

How do they show this behaviour in playschool?

With younger children they get upset easily about something that as a 2 year old they normally wouldn’t be concerned about. Throughout the course of the day if anyone bumps off them they become very upset and are oversensitive and over react to situations.

With the older 3 to 4 year old children there is an inability to sit still for any amount of time, or concentrate as they are easily distracted by everything that goes on. They find it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

I recommended a 2 year old boy to you as he seemed to be very easily distracted and was hypersensitive to anything that happened during the day. I believe he had 3 or 4 treatments with you and everything worked out superbly.

How can you see craniosacral therapy assisting pregnant mums and new babies?

I attended for craniosacral treatment myself two weeks before my second child was born. I felt fine but had a pain in my left buttock and had put up with it throughout the pregnancy.

During the therapy I remember letting out a giant sigh and my leg just flopping out to the side and feeling like the cogs of a wheel moving and I felt like I could have danced a jig when I got up off the table. I felt in flying form afterwards. I realised that I should have come earlier in the pregnancy and not put up with the pain so long.

So, I think definitely everyone should go for craniosacral treatment at least before their baby’s due date. After that treatment the birth of that baby went like a dream. I was induced but the birth progressed quickly and without complications. Labour started straight away and it was all very calm.I feel all new babies need to go for a craniosacral treatment.

We brought Oscar, our second child when he was a week old and during the treatment he did all sorts of crazy manoeuvres. I thought you were lifting up his legs but you explained that he did all the arching and moving himself.

From then on he was a dream baby and slept through the night from ten weeks. He is a very relaxed child and continues to be so. He is full of energy, full of life but very happy and content.

I think we can finish up here now Trish - have you any final thoughts on Craniosacral therapy?

I would like to say what a fantastic treatment it is and that I would highly recommend it and you Carina to all ages children and adults.

Thanks so much for your time and kind words!

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