CST helped cure the coccyx pain I developed while pregnant

by Anita

At 22 weeks pregnant I developed severe coccyx pain where I could not sit or stand without having a sharp pain in my tail bone. Attempting to stand after sitting for a short period was unbearable and would bring me to tears.

After my daughter was born the pain remained. Physiotherapy and analgesia did not help the pain. 16 weeks after my daughter was born I started CST and discovered I had other aches and pains along the coccyx pain.

After my 7th session I have not had any pain what so ever in my coccyx and I feel that I have more range of movement when I am exercising. Thanks a million Carina for your help.

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Aug 26, 2014
Coccyx pain
by: Carina

If your coccyx has been upset through accident or childbirth , it takes time to heal. Sometimes help is needed if the tail bone has moved out of position and it is pinching on nerves,making sitting very uncomfortable.
The light touch of craniosacral therapy encourages the spine not just the tail bone into the correct position. When the body is in the correct alignment it functions comfortably.

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