CST helped my Son to Breastfeed and sleep more easily

by Noreen

I brought my son Eoin to see Carina when he was just 6 weeks old.I found it difficult to get him settled and he appeared to only get comfortable on his side in my bed. He also appeared to have flathead and turned his head predominately to the left side.Carina said he had been in one position for prolonged period in utero which can contribute to this. Carina initially found that he was unable to straighten his legs properly and he certainly did not like the first session but as Carina did a lot of work with him over the weeks,this gradually improved. he began to settle more easily at nap and bedtime and i was able to get him into a routine. In addition he also experienced tongue tie which although he had a small procedure to sort it at 1 week old, breastfeeding remained challenging as he had difficulty with latching on and slipped off easily from time to time, I was getting frequent bouts of mastitis on top of this.Carina said he had a lip tie as well and did some work on his palate which certainly helped to improve the breastfeeding experience and I believe it allowed me to continue it for far longer than I would have. Eoin is now a very happy outgoing baby and I think CST helped contribute to this. I would highly recommend CST and I found Carina was very gentle and reassuring.

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Oct 24, 2014
Helpful story
by: Carina

Noreen, Many mum's I see in the clinic say how helpful it is to read other babies' experiences when they are deciding if craniosacral therapy is for them.
Thank you for sharing yours as it contains problems we work with everyday in craniosacral therapy.

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