CST is amazing!!!

by Evelyn

I brought Conor to see Carina when he was 5 weeks old. I didn't know anything about how craniosacral therapy worked, but was willing to give anything a try. Conor was suffering desperately with silent reflux, and found it very difficult to sleep. He was in agony, especially in the evenings, and would cry non stop for hours on end. We spent many hours pacing the hall floor trying to find a position that was some bit comfortable for him. We began to dread the night time, and would often take turns to grab an hours sleep while the other person stayed up with Conor.
I brought Conor to my GP who prescribed Zantac, and a friend of my husbands recommended Carina. So, pale faced, and totally sleep deprived, I found myself sitting in Carinas office, and Conor was lying on her table. She worked on him for a full hour, and discovered that he had a pull to the right due to lying breech until 37 weeks. I don't know what magic happened, or how Carina did it, but Conor slept for 4 hours straight for the first time ever that evening. Myself and my husband just stared at each other in amazement!!!
Conor has now had 4 sessions with Carina. He is sleeping for 7 hours at night, and is a truly happy baby. He eats so much, and the evening crying has almost totally stopped. We can't thank Carina enough, nor can I recommend her practice highly enough.

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