Do you want a happy sleeping baby? Try Carina & CST!

by Val

Jack was born in February 2013 by a non-traumatic c-section. He was a very happy, healthy baby. As time went by he developed feeding issues, silent reflux and collic. His head kept falling to the left,his sleep cycles were becoming shorter and shorter leading to his behaviour becoming more irratic. At 2mths we heard of Carina and CST from friends and we decided to give her a call.

I was very glad that I did as Jack had a number of issues:
- Torticollis;where the muscles of the neck tighten and pull the head down to one side. As a result of which he developed a substantial flat head.
- Tongue Tied; Jack was unable to stick out his tongue leaving him with a highly sensitive pallet. This also prevented him from forming a proper seal around the nib of his bottle which lead to wind and collic.
- Digestion Issues;he was intolerantto and unable to digest his formula milk (green nappies). In turn feed times were extended and distressful for Jack and this was starting to disrupt his sleep patterns.

Carina worked efficiently and effectively with Jack. She has a great aura about her and put the two of us at ease from the very begining. Carina progressed very quickly and step by step we tackled and resolved all Jacks issues. By the end of the six sessions I was amazed at the results. It was like being handed a new baby.

I cannot express enough the benefits of CST for Jack. I cannot recommend highly enough the natural abilities of Carina as a practioner and I would like to sincerely thank her for the laughing,crawling, mischief making 11mnth old that I now have the pleasure of waking up to every morning.

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Jun 05, 2014
Why it's all worthwhile!
by: Carina

Thanks for sharing Jack's story. This is why I am so happy to be a craniosacral therapist.Many children come for cranio with very similar problems to Jack and this gentle touch therapy is an effective solution for their discomfort.It is worth noting that Jack continued to came for cranio until his problems were resolved. This is not a one hit wonder therapy!

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