Have you ever heard of the phrase “trends come and go”? Well, when it comes to exterior paint trends, that phrase is true. However, it will help you achieve an all-time classic if you incorporate your style into your home exterior color choice.  

You cannot go wrong if you completely understand what your style is when it comes to decorating. Are you planning to change the paint of your home’s exterior? If so, there are exterior paint trends that you should consider this year.  

Before you hire a professional painting Cape Coral company, here are exterior paint trends to consider for 2021: 


This trend is perhaps one trend that nobody expects to see. Not even experts believe that black can be trending for 2021. However, if done properly, black looks extremely chic. Thus, it is back in the trends.  

If you want to provide your house an edge over your neighbors, you should try to go dark on your home’s exterior. It works as an excellent complement to natural materials on the exterior. If you’ve got metal or wooden accents on your home’s exterior, think about adding a darker shade.  

Dark Gray 

Recently, there has been an increase in dark gray home exteriors. They usually look almost black. Are you a fan of moody, charcoal, or dark gray? If so, this trend is for you. It’s a classic color scheme.  

Pale Green and Blue as an Accent Color 

Today, people are seeing a rise in popularity for pale green and blue. This is particularly true when it comes to accents. These colors are extremely calming. However, they’re also interesting to look at.  

If you’re looking for a calm exterior, you should try this trend. Utilize these hues on your door or shutters. You can also combine them with a lush green landscape and a creamy white base paint. 


Yes, you have read it right. The two-toned exteriors trend many years ago is back again. This trend was extremely popular back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. However, the two-toned look is coming back.  

Unlike before, the modern two-tone trend integrates more modern colors, such as beige and slate. This will help add intrigue and dimension to the house. It works as an excellent accent to any type of architecture.  


Paint is a game-changer. This is perhaps one of the most important things to know. However, you should do it if you can add some wood or stain to the exterior of your house. This year, there is going to be a trend towards natural elements and earthy shades. Wood is an ideal approach if you want to embrace the trend.  

Warm Whites 

White is an all-time classic. It will never get old. When it comes to boosting the curb appeal of your home, white is an easy choice. Choosing warm whites for your exterior can make a lot of difference. Nowadays, people are choosing warm whites for their exterior. Then, they add dark accents to make the color pop more.