Craniosacral Therapy Training. 

Can I Learn it for my own Family and Friends?

Can you learn Craniosacral Therapy to treat family and friends? The short answer is YES - Craniosacral training is available for this purpose.

CranioSacral Therapy came about when Dr. John Upledger saw that while training Osteopaths in Cranial Osteopathy was a logical direction in the roll-out of the therapy - it was observed that there could never be enough Osteopaths to provide the level of care needed - especially to people with longer-term conditions such as Cerebral PalsyChronic Pain etc. It would be useful to provide training to other healthcare professionals as well as non-professionals.

In these situations, the primary care-giver was the immediate relative or friend. John Upledger was one of the first to notice and do something about this.

As a result, he set up a theoretical and practical curriculum to make CranioSacral therapy available to non-Osteopaths. 

Full details of this curriculum and where it is delivered around the world can be found at

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