How Does Craniosacral Therapy Complement other Medical Interventions?

Because most Medical and Healthcare practitioners see CranioSacral Therapy as a gentle and non-invasive Complementary Therapy - it is considered as suitable for the co-treatment of a number of conditions.

I was speaking to my Gynaecologist yesterday and he pointed out that his training - right from the beginning - encouraged him to "put blinkers on" and work on the basis of what was proven or presecribed in the areas of medical science. He was subsequently so busy that he took all of his time keeping up to date in the areas of formal medical interventions.

His criteria for recommending  therapies was that if it was doing no harm, made you feel good and did not cost too much then go ahead!

To answer the question more directly, I often receive new clients in the following situations:

  • They Have been Through Formal Medical Channels.
    Often in the case of Back Pain, Stress Related illness etc. clients feel they have exhausted all that formal medicine has to offer. This is ideal from my point of view as a full medical history has been built up and the individual's condition has been pre-checked by a Medical Practitoner.

  • The Client wishes to Complement formal Medical treatment with another therapy.
    Many of my Pregnant Clients and Mums with Infants and Children are receiving formal medical care for their conditions and related complications. They typically continue with this care as they attend CranioSacral Therapy to further relieve symptoms or to reach the parts that they feel formal medical interventions cannot reach.

In summary, in my experience the answer is yes - CranioSacral Therapy can be used alongside formal medical interventions. 

As always, first check with your Healthcare practitoner.

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