How To Find a Craniosacral Therapist Close to You.

So - you want to give CranioSacral Therapy a try?

I myself am associated and qualified with the Upledger approach to CranioSacral Therapy and so the information that you find on this page will be in relation to practitioners associated with that group.

However, before I go on, I'd like to point out two things:

  • Firstly, it always pays to follow word-of-mouth. Personal recommendations are the best way to go. Try out someone who someone you trust has recommended. Alternatively, if you wish to try someone who you lifted from a directory - ask for a reference. Get a sense of their experience and any particular areas of speciality,

  • Secondly, I'm afraid that I am not in a position to give personal recommendations as part of the information supplied on this page. Please consider it a start-off point for your search.

Finding a Therapist Close to you - Option 1.

The following link Upledger list of Worldwide practitioners (opens a new window) will provide you with a "master list" of people worldwide who have completed Upledger Training and wish to be recognised as Practitioners. As a general rule of thumb, it would be useful to go with individuals who have reached CST-T level (CST-Techniques).

Finding a Therapist Close to you - Option 2.
I have included some more local organisations who list local CranioSacral Therapists and their qualifications.

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