From PTSD ...

by Sandy

I have relied, unfailingly, on western medicine for all my health care needs. I 'believed in' it.... So, for 25+ years, I've 'believed in' this system to help me with depression. My initial thought that my own depression may be linked to long-ago trauma was morphed into the neurotransmitter-in-need-of medication mindset; the "cognitive distortion" point of view.... I always thought that if I were a 'good enough patient', "somehow" depression would lift, etc....

25+++ years. Countless pills, faithfully taken. Therapists. Doctor visits. Out-patient. In-patient. ECT. And it still came back. My life was (1)work or (2)depression. NOTHING else.

Finally, I started Googling when the last depression hit. Something with work ... "workaholism" maybe? (Isn't that GOOD?)

NO - it's BAD! Finally, FINALLY, *finally*!!!! ... instead of pills and cognitive distortion as my god, I read and read and read. Cried deep, dark. Blackness.

I read through workaholism, dysfunctional families, alcoholism, suicide, narcissism, child abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, PTSD, trauma... I kept reading, voraciously, because every once in a while I read something that totally spoke to me and verified the legitimacy of my pain.

I finally began to learn that PTSD treatment is *different* from "talk therapy". For the first time - EVER - I questioned the therapist AND FOUND ONE WITH PTSD TRAINING. Score 1 for health!

Bit by bit, like moving the Sahara desert, grain by grain with tweezers, I began to understand that my body has held my stuffed feelings 'forever'. I learned of Peter Levine - bought several books of his...

Finally I started to "get it" ... that mental healing can really come via physical work.... And I looked in to CranioSacral Therapy.

I absolutely credit the CST therapist I started with for being a critical step in healing from PTSD. No, I'm *not* magically "over" it ... but my self-perspective has changed.

Insanity ***IS*** doing the same thing, over and over, expecting different results. (OMG! Google "definition of insanity" - and a 'Psychology Today' blog pops up that disagrees!) ... When - for 25++ YEARS!!! - I kept doing the same thing (seeing a psychiatrist, taking pills, seeing a MH therapist) - and getting the same results (depression) - SOMEBODY should have said "this isn't working!". The DSM has its own answer ... that, with each recurrence of depression, chances are greater that it happens again!

SO who is insane now?

Interestingly, due to a wonderful healthcare glitch of going on to COBRA, my insurance was cancelled (and later re-instated). At the time, I could have paid $900+ for part of a month's supply, or DIY mental health care - taper off. I tapered off *ALL* 11 (probably $1,500/month?) - by myself.

The sky didn't fall! I didn't die of low neurotransmitter deficiency!

And then my arthritis kicked in - and I could feel *FEEL* PAIN! YES!!!!

*ONE* session with CST and the pain was essentially GONE. (I've had enough physical therapy for knee and back pain before - never had results like this!)

Because I'm insane, I went to orthopedist for knee -MRI - suggested arthroscopy. Googled it. HMMMM... not a slam-dunk to knee health! Arthritis foundation recommended acupuncture. Went. Worked.

Read. Learned.

Western medicine has an underbelly of attitudes that are no less toxic than those espoused by the North Korean leader who has an answer for everything. "First do no harm" of Hippocrates no longer applies to patient healthcare - now "first do no harm" relates solely to business practices, stocks, $$$$$$$$$$, $$$... As long as the patient isn't bludgeoned to death, the hypocrite oath "works". Western medicine cannot expect to see different results if they keep doing the same thing over and over!

So - if you have a broken leg, MRSA, need an appendectomy ... see a western doctor. They -ARE- good at the dramatic, big bucks side. I had MRSA last year and lived!!!

But if you - want to find HEALTH (not a DIAGNOSIS) - look at craniosacral therapy. It will work if the therapist is good ("believing" in it is not only unnecessary, its irrelevant - do you "believe in" gasoline to work?).

Read. Ask questions. Listen to your gut. Take responsibility for yourself.

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Aug 26, 2014
Finding another way!
by: Acarina

I read your story with interest. It sounds like you have discovered that you have choices in caring for yourself.
I am a firm believer in the integrative approach.
In my clinic patients combine orthodox medicine and craniosacral therapy with excellent results.

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