How Craniosacral Therapy helped make my baby happy!

by Happy mum

Baby Alex was born ten days early. His delivery was very quick because he was my second baby. He had to go through a lot when he arrived. He had to be fully resusitated by the doctors and midwives which involved significant oral suction, suplemental oxygen under pressure and chest massage. He was born with an unexplained bad chest infection. In his first few hours he also needed a lumbar puncture to rule out causes of infection.

When we got to take Alex home we were so relieved we just put up with his constant bad form. His cry was a relentless scream and there was no comforting him. He was not happy in any position. Whenever I took him out people were constantly asking me was he hungry or tired. Of course he was not, but he was always crying. Often the whole family ended up in tears.

I kept waiting for him to grow out of it but at three months I could take no more and a friend recommended Carina and Craniosacral therapy.

At the first session Alex seemed very uncomfortable and he was very cross that evening. I was unsure if it was right for us but I decided to try again. He seemed more relaxed in the second session and that evening he had a long sleep which was unusual for him.

In session three I could see Alex relax more and that evening there was a noticable difference in him. He was not screaming and he got comfort from our efforts with him. This continued after session four. In session five Alex actually fell asleep during the treatment. I nearly cried with happiness and relief. That was the point lots of people had told me about but being honest, I never thought it would happen. Alex had six sessions in total.

Our home is so much happier now. Alex went from being a very cross baby to a baby who is always laughing. He rarely cries now and when he does it is appropriate and he is easy to comfort.

Everybody who knows us comments on the difference in Alex and now when strangers look at him they comment on the gorgeous happy baby.

Baby Alex had Craniosacral therapy I am convinced it is what helped him and in doing so it helped us all.

Thank you Carina.

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Jun 05, 2014
Craniosacral therapy and crying
by: Carina

Alex was a very uncomfortable baby and that is not surprising given his history at birth and directly after. I am glad Alex got help as often babies are regarded as cranky and cross when they are just very uncomfortable.

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