How craniosacral therapy helped my little girl

by Vera

My baby Cathy was lying in a transverse position for many weeks in the last trimester and although she did revert to the correct position in the last few days, she was facing the wrong direction through labour.

So as a result she didn't have the most pleasant experience and not surprisingly encountered some difficulties following birth. After each feed, the milk kept "spewing" out of her mouth, she was very difficult to wind and she just seemed very stiff and uncomfortable and moaned alot in her crib after feeds.

Knowing very little about CST, I figured it was worth a shot. As a mother, its nice to at least feel like I was doing something to help Cathy.

After the first session of CST, Cathy slept really well and even dropped her night feed that same evening, she was 5 weeks at that stage and taking 7oz feeds throughout the day. It was very positive that she stopped feeding at night as the volume she was feeding was quite high for a baby so young.

Cathy has now had 4 sessions of CST and she is 8 weeks old. She is such a pleasant little lady, she rarely cries, she self soothes, she winds very easily and now keeps all her feed down. She is such a happy baby. I am delighted that I took Cathy to Carina for CST, it has made the start of Cathys journey through lift a very contented one and I am a firm believer that good habits and healthy habits are best started early in life.

Thank you for your help Carina!

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Oct 19, 2011
Feeding difficulties typical
by: Carina

Hi Vera - I have had a number of Mums saying that their babies are feeding too much. Often I find that the feeding is less to do with hunger and more to do with discomfort felt by baby. Glad that Cathy is now settled! Carina

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