How CST helped my baby

by Noelle Murphy
(Douglas, Cork)

I brought my son Jaime to Carina when he was 10 wks old. He had reflux, was constantly windy, hated lying on his back which meant taking him for walks and putting him in the car seat was very difficult and he had infrequent bowel movements.

He had a difficult vacuum delivery and I had heard that CST might help. I didn't know what to expect and was slightly skeptical but after 3 sessions he was like a different baby. He was much better feeding with dramatically reduced wind, the car seat and lying on his back became no trouble at all which meant he slept longer at night and I didn't have to stress taking him in the car or out for walks.

His bowel movements increased and overall he was a much more content, happier, healthier baby. Carina was very good with him and explaining to me what she was doing I felt completely confident in her.

I would recommend CST for all babies I feel it's integral for their health and a necessity for their development.

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