How CST helped my babys tight muscles

During Liam's initial home visit from the public health nurse she noticed that he was rather tight around the shoulder and neck area, this she said could have been caused by the fact that I had carried Liam very much to one side during pregnancy. She decided to refer him for physio. Unfortunately Liam was not called for an appointment for a further three months during which time his problem remained untreated. At his initial appointment the physiotherapist was not happy with Liam's neck control or ability to support his head. She found him to be very stiff and claimed that without the correct exercises and treatment he would become very cross due to his discomfort.The physiotherapist told me about CST and said that a few sessions of this therapy combined with her assigned exercises would work best for Liam and help ease his discomfort.

I brought Liam to Carina the following week and explained the situation, she examined Liam and was in total agreement that he was very caught on one side and needed help to release the tension in his muscles. As Carina worked on Liam I could literally see him releasing tension from his neck and shoulders. Liam also really liked Carina and she was very good with him. Liam started to make progress really fast. I noticed that he was much more able to look from left to right and lift his head with ease to look around, he started crawling on time and sitting up on time.

I was so happy to be told about craniosacral therapy, it was just unfortunate that I hadn't been told about it sooner. I couldn't recommend Carina more highly !!!

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