How CST helped my baby's wind problems

by Mary

When we went to Carina, my daughter was 6 weeks old. Feeding time was becoming increasingly difficult, as she would become very distressed when it came to getting her wind up.

Needless to say it was becoming very difficult as parents to watch as it was clear she was in pain. My daughter was also waking in the middle of the night with wind pains and became very distressed trying to pass wind at this time.

There was a noticible difference while feeding my daughter and in getting her wind up after the first craniosacral therapy session. Carina was very realistic with my expectations, explained the treatment before and throughout the session.

After three sessions, I could see the difference in how my daughter responded to the treatment. The was also a noticible improvement when feeding my daughter, which had a knock-on effect on all our sleeping time.

I would definitely recommend Carina for anyone having difficulties with a small baby.

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Jun 29, 2011
Lack of sleep and cranio-sacral therapy
by: Carina

Lack of sleep with an upset baby makes life difficult for all the family. It is great to see the difference in mum, dad and baby when they return to the clinic after a few sessions of craniosacral therapy.

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