How CST helped my daughters Flat Head Syndrome

by Niamh Murphy

I brought my daughter to see Carina when she was 8 weeks old. She was suffering from Flat Head Syndrome. The right side of head was significantly flat.

From the time she was born Aoibhe lay with her head turned to the right. She would spend a considerable amount of time on the right and found it difficult to lay on her left side. If she did try to turn her head to the left her head would flop back to the right almost immediately.

Having tried to reposition her head unsuccessfully and being aware of the difficulties related to Flat Head Syndrome we decided to visit Carina.

Aoibhe has had 4 session of CST. Over the course of these sessions there has been a dramatic improvement. While Aoibhe continues to favour the right for sleeping she now positions her head centrally and to the left for prolonged periods of time.

Also during the sessions I mentioned to Carina Aoibhe strained quite dramatically when having a bowel motion. Her face would become tomato red and she would grunt very loudly. Carina worked on this area and the next bowel movement she had was quiet and her face did not change colour.

I am delighted we found Carina as her sessions have improved Aoibhes quality of life.

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Jul 16, 2013
by: Carina

Thanks so much Niamh for sharing you and Aoibhe's cranio experience. I was delighted to see Aoibhe respond as many children do with increased movement and flexibility after a few craniosacral sessions. This then allows the child to transition smoothly along their developmental path. Carina

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