How CST helped our Little Man's constipation

by Orla

I searched Google looking for an answer. My little boy who was three weeks at the time was very unsettled and very constipated. He would scream everytime he had to go. I came across CST and made an appointment. To be honest I was very sceptical going down. But I must say Carina is fantastic.

I noticed a change straight away in that first session. At one stage I could see him relaxing his whole body while lying in front of me and the screaming stopped. I was amazed. Carina spotted straight away tendencies that our baby had and to be honest I thought they were just normal in babies. Every week we went down to Carina we had a happier baby coming away and he is not as constipated now and he certainly doesn't scream the house down now. I would definitely recommend CST to anyone and especially Carina. She explains what she is doing throughout the whole session which is great to hear.

It's definitely worth the trip down from Tipperary every session.

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