How CST helped Patricks tonsillitis.

by Grace Lynch

My son Patrick had a febrile seizure due to a very bad dose of tonsillitis and high temp last January.

He was 18 months old at the time. He was admitted to hospital for 5 days and over the next 5 months his health continued to deteriorate. Patrick was constantly on antibiotics, sometimes starting a new one immediately after the last.

While Patrick had started to speak at an early age we noticed that his speech had begun to become less and less and he actually lost most of his speech. His consultant sent Patrick for a hearing test and as a result of his tonsillitis, we discovered that his hearing was now being affected, and so he had grommets inserted in Febuary.

While this rectified his hearing he was still suffering from tonsillitis. By May, he had completely stopped eating and would hold his food in his mouth as it was too painful for him to swallow,so he was admitted to hospital for 4 days for iv antibiotics. Patrick's consultant said a tonsillectomy was not an option until he was at least 3 yrs old.

The following week while in the waiting room of my medical center, I started chatting to a woman with her baby who was there to see Carina.

I had never heard of CST but I rang Carina and told her Patricks story. We arranged an appointment for the following week.

Patrick has been seeing Carina for the past 5 months and next week is his final session. I am absolutely amazed and thrilled at how much Carina has helped Patrick. While at the start, in particular the sessions were quite difficult for Patrick, he now will sit through an entire session.

Since Patrick has been seeing Carina he has not had 1 episode of tonsillitis, and not 1 antibiotic and his speech has stared to return.

We are so happy and so grateful to Carina for all that she has done for our little boy.

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Jun 05, 2014
Tonsils and CST
by: Carina

I remember when Patrick first came for Craniosacral therapy he found it difficult to bear even the lightest touch. However as his body systems began to balance he started to relax and even to enjoy his sessions!
Thanks for sharing this cranio journey Grace.

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