How CST helped with my baby's tight muscles

by Lorraine Wills

My son was born early via an c-section. His birth was very traumatic&he spent several days in neonatal. I noticed very early on that his left arm was very twisted and he tended to pull himself to one side.

When we came home all he did every day was scream for hours, endless screaming, for around 17 hrs every day. It was one of the toughest periods of our lives. What can you do when your tiny baby is screaming in pain you are told that 'he'll grow out of it'?

A close friend and a very helpful district nurse recommended CST. Initially I was sceptical but after meeting with Carina I realised that she understood everything I said about my son - she was able to offer me a 'diagnosis'- it was the first step in his recovery.

The 1st session lasted an hr and within 2 days I could see a change. The screaming did not last as long, and his tightness was not as severe. Carina advised me that, in my son's case, it would take some time to help him loosen out. It took about 6weeks of further treatment before my baby started to make dramatic improvement - one Sunday he just fell asleep by himself, the first time in over 4months that he ever did that.

Gradually,and with continued treatment he improved hugely.His arm is perfect, his spine is straight and strong and the pull on the muscles to his brain(all of which were the causes of hs constant pain and thus screaming) has slacked. He can do tummy time happily and he's the sweetest, happiest little boy.

My sincerest thanks to Carina for helping us. For those of you unsure about trying CST, well, this Mum highly recommends it (and I was like you initially too). Thanks Carina

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Jun 05, 2014
When waiting is not an option!
by: Anonymous

Hi Lorraine, there is nothing worse then listening to a crying baby and feeling helpless. You sharing your baby's story will I hope give other parents the courage to try craniosacral therapy and help their baby now.

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