How CST worked for me

by Louisa Lam
(Hong Kong)

I was thrown off by my horse and I hit the back of my head on concrete. It was a hard fall and I felt a vibration within my brain trapped by my riding helmet. My head was groggy for weeks and my reactions were slow.

A friend introduced me to CST and after a 1-hour treatment: my head was clear, my vision improved, my whole body felt free and I could turn my shoulders and waist with ease and no restriction. I know I have found the correct treatment because I felt so good and this feeling continued for 3 days. I have since continued the treatment on a weekly basis for 7 times and I found a general increase in my health. The grogginess in my head was cleared for good.

The tightness in my neck, shoulders and joints was relieving gradually. I have recommended CST to my riding friends and they shared similar success after treatments.

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Jul 06, 2015
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by: Watt

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Aug 26, 2014
Falls and cst
by: Carina

Thanks for letting us know how your cranial session worked for you!

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