I didn't think cranio was for me,but I was desperate!

by celine

My son had slept well and breastfed well for a while but when we tried to introduce bottles all our routine left us and he became very unsettled.He seemed delayed in crawling and often woke as if in pain and couldn't settle easily to sleep.

I considered cranio as something for other babies with traumatic births or possible spinal difficulties. What I hadn't considered was that my son had a tongue tie which hadn't needed attention in his early months. A friend recommended I try cranio.

I decided to try cranio having realised that my son had been avoiding bearing any weight on his feet,he pulled his legs up to his tummy in sleep because he was uncomfortable and seemed to have some very troubled nights when he was particularly unhappy but it didn't seem to be down to teething or temperature or anything I could spot as I had with his older sister.
Carina told me that it may have been faster to have results from sessions if I attended before he had teeth as she could have relieved tension from his tongue tie within his mouth,but slowly but surely we have had results. Crawling, sleeping improved and best of all he seems happier in himself.

I'm not sorry we tried cranio, only sorry we didn't try sooner.

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Nov 07, 2014
Never too late!
by: Carina

Thanks for telling your story Celine.
It's great to work with newborns but sometimes parents are unaware that craniosacral therapy can help from the day they leave the hospital with their newborn. However it's never too late to help your child in a gentle ,natural way without medication!

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