Infant Ear Infection.

Does your baby suffer from recurring ear infections? In this article, I describe my approach to treating infant ear infections using Craniosacral Therapy.

Saoirse's Story:

Saoirse was 13 months and had been on several antibiotics due to re-occurring ear infections. Her mum, Susan, was looking for another way to help her daughter when she booked for CranioSacral Therapy.

I explained to Susan that ear infections in infants are common due in part to the physical make up of the child’s ear. The Eustachian tube (connected with balancing pressure) links to the pharynx (connected with the passageway for food).

This tube is horizontal in children and so can cause poor drainage, blocking and the pooling of bacteria. As babies sleep flat a lot and lie back while being fed, you can see how the problem might arise.

In adults the tube is slanted and thus works more effectively. With Cranio-sacral therapy I work on assisting the baby to clear this tube. I work on the bone around the ear and gently allow the bones and muscles of the neck to relax. This helps greatly in preventing a re-occurrence of the infection.

Saoirse was not happy for me to touch her ears at that first treatmentso I worked further down the body. This still influenced the temporal (ear) bone indirectly. It is important to work only where the baby is comfortable as engaging resistance is counterproductive to the treatment.

I maintain constant contact throughout the treatment with the baby through the eyes and with touch on the spinal cord. Babies respond well to soft re-assuring sounds and with Saoirse I treated her while she was seated on her mother’s lap. This connection between mother and baby provides the security that babies need if in distress.

By the second treatment Saoirse was happy to allow my hands onto her ears and even fell asleep towards the end of the treatment!

Susan brought Saoirse to see me for a further four sessions throughout that winter and we noticed that she slept and ate more comfortably. She has had no further ear infection to date.

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