Infant Eczema and Infant Rashes.

Using CranioSacral Therapy for Treatment.

Is Infant Eczema making life miserable for you and your child?

James's Story.
At the age of three weeks, James developed infant eczema. It started with a red rash on his face and quickly spead down his body while the spots on his face became more pronounced.

It appeared worse on his ears and around his nose. When he was seen by his doctor initially his mum was told to keep washing and cleaning him using a special ointment on the "crusty" areas of his rash.

At this stage it was a general infant rash. However, within days the rash had spread from the tip of his head to his feet and became scaly and crusty in appearance.

On the second visit to his doctor, James was diagnosed with infected eczema. James was then put on his first antibiotic at four weeks. His mum was advised touse emulsifying ointment when bathing and then apply an aqueous cream.

Through a process of elimination, his mum discovered that the creams resulted in a steady improvement of the rash but the bathing in water caused the rash to reappear.

As his Mum had attended CranioSacral Therapy during her pregnancy with James, she brought James for more CST to assist in keeping the infant eczema at bay.

I first saw James after his second doctor's visit and he attended Craniosacral Therapy for four consecutive weeks. While working on the initial strains and aches, James became upset during both the first and second sessions. This is quite normal as the initial trauma is released from the body.

I noticed that James suffered from neck strain and his mum pointed out that he preferred to breastfeed from the left breast.

I also worked on his Lymphatic System which helps to remove waste products from the body. After the initial two sessions, James had green, sticky pooh in his nappies. This is common after treating babies as the toxins are released.

For the final two sessions, James was much calmer and these sessions were shorter as there was less work needed in creating body balance. His neck strain also noticibly improved.

Jame's case highlights the holistic aspect of treating a complex problem like Infant Eczema. Keeping in mind that each child is different, what worked for James was a combination of Breastfeeding, CranioSacral Therapy and using particular creams.

It is also worth noting that James began treatment at an early age. This helped to get his Eczema under control quickly.

Three months on, James has moved to bottle-feeds and has just spent his first week at his new babycare creche. His Mum is still using creams instead of bathing to keep his skin clear and returns for CranioSacral Therapy when she feels it is necessary. 

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