Infant Feeding and Correcting Feeding Difficulties.

Infant feeding and sucking difficulties usually come to the attention of parents long before weight checks at the baby clinic.

In most cases the baby will also be showing other signs of irritability such as difficulty in settling or excessive crying.

Baby Eoin's Story.
When I saw Baby Eoin for his first consultation at my clinic in Cork, I enquired about the details of his birth and his Mum's (Jane) pregnancy.

I find that this information provides me, as a Craniosacral Therapist, with valuable clues about the origin of Eoin's symptoms. Jane had an epidural and forceps were used in Eoin's delivery.

This led me to believe that Eoin's head and neck may have experienced some trauma at birth. The process of birth puts pressure on the cranial nerves and compresses the small openings where these nerves exit the head at the base of the skull.

While working on Eoin, I was aware of tension in this area of his upper neck. This restriction was putting pressure on the nerve (glossopharyngal) that supplies some of the muscles of the throat and the largest salivary gland - making it difficult for Eoin to swallow and feed.

Through releasing and opening up this area of compression at the back of the skull, I removed the cause of nerve irritation. After the session, Jane noticed that his sucking had improved.

I saw Baby Eoin once more and on that occasion I checked the sucking reflex. All was well and I advised Jane to check back with me if she noticed any of the symptoms resurfacing.

I find that many of the problems with infant feeding that babies like Eoin present with are treatable traumas. The sooner I can give a session of CranioSacral Therapy, the better. This helps to prevent many difficulties with infants before they take root. 

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