Infant Nasal Congestion.

Some babies suffer from infant nasal congestion in the first few weeks following birth. Parents often worry about this “snuffle”:

  • Does it disturb the baby at feeding time?

  • If breastfeeding will the baby be able to breathe pressed close to the breast?

  • Or will they be able to suck their bottle and breathe at the same time?

While over-the-counter preparations are available these drops can often be distressing for the baby when applied.

But help is at hand!

How Craniosacral Therapy can help with nasal congestion.

A craniosacral treatment is a drug free treatment where the baby lies fully clothed on a plinth or in your arms while the therapist used a light touch to release areas of congestion affecting the baby’s breathing.

The younger the infants comes for treatment the better, as the disruption to the baby’s system is new and so the problem can be dealt with quickly. As part of initial check up with infants I work on assisting the baby to release tensions along the spine and skull. These restrictions are often as a result of the birth process. Usually the infant will release these restrictions soon after birth but the infant with nasal congestion benefits greatly from a little craniosacral help.

The compression forces of the birth process cause the little bones of the spine and skull to slide over each other. This natural process assists the baby in being born. The problem arises if the bones get stuck as this can block fluid flow, nerves and blood vessels. Usually with the power of feeding and sucking parts of the nose and skull will slide away from each other and settle into a comfortable position allowing the baby to breathe with ease. 

If this doesn’t happen the craniosacral therapist can assist in allowing space for breathing easily as the overlapping bones are corrected. This then frees the nasal constriction and allows the infant to breathe freely.

Amy's Story:
Recently I treated Amy - who was five days old - for infant nasal congestion. Her mum brought her along for a craniosacral treatment having experienced the benefits herself during pregnancy. 

During the treatment Amy lay on the table while her mum kept a reassuring hand on her tummy. As I worked with a gentle touch over Amy’s head and face she relaxed and drifted off to sleep. I concentrated on any area that felt tight and very quickly felt the area soften under my hand. 

During and following the treatment a lot of mucus was released from Amy’s nose and mouth. With this final clearing her nasal congestion improved. 

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