Infant Seizures.

"Infant seizures" is the title of this article (as much of my work is with infants).

However, as you read on we will look at seizure episodes generally and I will share my personal experience in treating children who suffer from seizures with CranioSacral Therapy.

“Seizures may be defined as sudden and transitory episodes of abnormal phenomena which can be motor, sensory, autonomic or psychic in origin.”

This is how Dr. Upledger (founder of craniosacral therapy ) describes seizures in his book - "A Brain is Born".

A large electrical discharge affects the central nervous system and causes this sudden electrical discharge. Normally the central nervous system allows the electrical discharge to trickle away as a natural process. The problem arises when a large discharge rather than a trickle amount is experienced by the central nervous system.

Infants experiencing seizures would be cared for by a medical team and I would normally not see them in my clinic. However, with older children suffering from epilepsy - craniosacral work is helpful. 

Craniosacral therapy assists the body is staying in a balanced mode. It helps the body maintain homeostasis and is a powerful, effective health-enhancement treatment. It works closely with the central nervous system. If an infant receives craniosacral treatment problems are corrected which may later develop into seizures. 

However the response of the child is dependent on the reason for the seizure. Many children stop having seizures while the treatment is being carried out and reduce their medication under medical advice. Others may not respond at all if their seizures are due to a deeper brain disorder. 

Epilepsy and Craniosacral Therapy.
Epilepsy is a common complaint that we treat with craniosacral therapy. With epilepsy, the electrical discharge frequently affects the temporal lobe (area around ear) causing the nerves to become disorganised and chaotic.

Treatment involves releasing restriction on the central nervous system. Working with the bones of the cranium especially the temporal bone takes pressure of these irritated nerves. With the pressure off the nerves the symptoms can greatly improve and allows the body to return to natural functioning. 

Many clients find that their seizures are greatly reduced or stopped while having treatments. It is important to attend for treatments on a maintenance level to prevent re-occurrence.

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