Relieve Migraine Headache with CranioSacral Therapy.

A common complaint that I treat with CranioSacral Therapy is persistent headache and Migraine. I have found that Migraine treatment using CranioSacral Therapy backs up what Dr. Upledger (the founder of CST) ascertains:

"that we CranioSacral Therapists are 80-90% successful, no matter what type of headache is presented to us."

The term "CranioSacral Therapy" includes reference to the cranium (headbones) and the sacrum (lower back and tailbone) and this reveals an interesting aspect in relation to headache and migraine.

As the head bones and tail bones are connected through the spine, and all are bathed in a spinal fluid and enclosed in a tight membrane - what happens at the tailbone is refelected through to the head. This "head/tail" relationship influences our work as CranioSacral Therapists.

Quite often, an imbalance at the tail bone due to a fall on the bottom spreads tension up to the head and results in headaches and migraine - sometimes years after the original fall or trauma.

This often explains the bemused look on clients faces when they present with head pain and I might begin by working on the other end - on their tail bone!

Sean's Story.
This reminds me of Sean - a client of mine - who was playing with his children on their trampoline. He fell and landed awkwardly on his tailbone. He had no ill effects at the time, just some minor bruises.

However, several months later he developed persistent headaches. After a doctor's examination he decided to visit me for CranioSacral Therapy.

On examination, I found that his tailbone was pushing forward and this was causing tension. Sean found it very strange indeed that I spent all of the first treatment working at his pelvis. The wrong end as far as he could see!

On subsequent treatments, I assisted his whole body to balance - checking on his spine and finally his headbones.

Sean now understands the "head/tail" relationship of CranioSacral Therapy having experienced it first hand. He also noticed that once the restrictions on his body were released he felt more energised and relaxed - a common result when our CranioSacral system is functioning optimally.

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