More mobile and able to turn over!

by Triona

I'd highly recommend Carina and the work that she does. I took my son, Darragh to Carina at 5 1/2 months. He had been in breech position for most of the pregnancy, and was born by emergency section three weeks early.

Darragh hated tummy time, and could only take about five mins on his play mat before getting antsy. The same was true for his swing or play center, he would only enjoy about five or so mins on them, and then I would have to lift him up as he was getting distressed. I was worried that he had a very low attention span, or that he needed to be entertained constantly.

After one session with Carina he was notably less antsy, after two he was willingly doing tummy time, and after four he is rolling forwards and back, loving his play mat and happily entertaining himself.

I thought I'd a demanding baby, but Carina explained that because his body was so tight, it wasn't comfortable for him to be in a particular position for too long. Now my baby is happy, content, and free in himself.
Thanks Carina!

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Jun 29, 2011
Cst and flexibility
by: Carina

Delighted Darragh is on the move!
CST works by releasing the tightness of the dural tube (wrapping around the spine) and the membranes and bones in the head.When these are free moving children and adults too are much more flexible. I recently had a jogger in my clinic who did a fabulous run after this treatment. Suprised himself as this was an unexpected result when he was having cranio-sacral for a painful shoulder.
So looks like you could be running after your son Darragh soon!

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