My little girl isn't in pain anymore

by Michelle

My daughter Olivia was born with her cord wrapped around her neck twice. Needless to say it was a difficult birth and both of us were happy when it was over.

After that everything was great. She slept, she fed and was a really happy baby. At week seven she developed colic. I didn't know much about it at the time because my other two daughters never had it.

Olivia screamed from 6 pm til 12 every night. Her face was red from crying and being in so much pain. As a mother I felt useless. I tried massaging her and keeping her upright doing leg excercises, changing her formula and changing her Bottle dummies.

Nothing worked.

A colleague of mine at work gave me Carina's number and I have to say she worked wonders for Olivia. She is a fantastic therapist. After the first session we had two bad nights out of ten.

It is day three after the second session and we had one bad night. We have booked another session. Carina explains how the cranio sacral therapy works and to see my little girl not in pain anymore thanks to her is worth more than winning the lottery.

Being completely honest I didn't know if the therapy was going to work but it has. I would recommend any parent who's child suffers from colic to go for craniosacral therapy and I would definitely recommend Carina Collins as the therapist.

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Jun 05, 2014
Birth and CST
by: Carina

In the ideal world all babies would benefit from craniosacral therapy after birth.Thanks for telling us Olivia's story.

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