Olivia is known as the Wonder Baby after CST

by Yvonne Broderick

Olivia was 10 days old when I first brought her to see Carina. After a long long labour, Olivia was delivered by forceps and was really yanked out. She would feed with her shoulders tensed up and her fists clenched. She was also feeding very fast and would spit up her feed soon after. My sister recommended CST after bringing her 2 boys to Carina. After the first visit, I noticed a big difference in Olivia, her palate was out of line and with Carina working on this her feeding slowed down and she was alot more relaxed. She also started to wind much easier. Olivia has slept solidly through the night (7.30pm - 7am) since she was 9 weeks old, she rarely cries unless she is tired or hungry and is so alert and smiley.

Just today I brought Olivia as her right arm was lazy compared to her left, within mins of Carina working on her her right arm was moving about as much as the left. She was also showing signs of teething, I thought myself that this might be too early for that to be the case. Carina worked on her palate again and the hands haven't gone near her mouth since. Carina also worked on Olivia's ears as we are flying to Spain next week so should make the flight hopefully easy going.

In total I have brought Olivia for 6 sessions and can't recommend the treatment enough. As a first time mother, I'm finding motherhood a dream as she is such a happy contented baby which everyone comments on and I would put alot of this down to CST treatment.

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Jun 26, 2012
Great feedback!
by: Carina

Olivia like many babies that experience instrumental births improved steadily over her craniosacral sessions.Delighted that she is now happy and content and look forward to keeping her that way throughout her childhood!

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