When you have a pool, there are two critical questions that need to be answered: how deep an indoor pool can be and how deep your pool should be before the installation. Most homeowners think that it is not essential, but the size can affect both the construction and maintenance cost as well as the design and style. So, it is an important thing you need to take into consideration. Make sure that you contact your trusted pool service Cape Coral for professional advice.  

To help you decide for the correct dept that your property needs, we provide here the vital information you need to know for a guide. Read on. 

Residential and commercial pools are not the same in terms of the needed depth. Residential pools should be at eight feet maximum. It is the standard in-depth of residential pools, and you usually observe that most households have this pool depth. However, pool companies can construct deeper pools than this.  

When you plan to have a diving board, the eight feet becomes the minimum depth that your indoor pool should be, as this is enough for anyone to dive safely in the pool. Furthermore, pools with a diving board should also be constructed larger than those with no diving board. Moreover, having pools with diving boards pose a lot of safety concerns, and this is the reasons why it has lost its popularity over the year.  

In deciding that depth is fitted for you, consider the following: 

What would be the primary function of your pool?  

Your pool can be used for swimming laps, wading, diving, and playing games. All of these pool activities, excluding diving, do not require too much depth. If you want your pool to serve many purposes, you may also consider having different depth levels in your pool, usually ranging from three to eight feet.  

When you want your pool to serve as a recreational pool, the pool should not be too deep, but the size of the pool should be bigger than the regular pool. For diving, eight feet is the minimum, and for swimming laps, the pool should be longer. Although a more extended pool is not strictly necessary, it can be efficient and functional to serve its purpose.  

Who will use the pool? 

If you are all adults in the house, an eight feet pool would be enough. However, if you have children at home, consider having a shallow pool, if not a pool with multiple depths.  

It would help if you considered that both shallow and deep pools pose dangers to anyone. A shallow pool can also be dangerous for anyone who dives, and a deeper pool is hazardous to anyone who does not know how to swim. It is all about knowing who will be using the pool in the house and cater to their needs and abilities.  

Summary of depths: 

Adults – eight feet  

Children – up to three feet 

Swimming laps and games – three to six feet 

Lounging – three to four feet