Pregnancy Massage.

Pregnancy Massage - what are the benefits?

Having had two full-term pregnancies myselfI didn't need any persuading of the benefits of touch therapies to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. This empathy with my pregnant clients led me to specialise in Pregnancy Massage in 2003.

Over the following years I treated numerous clients with Pregnancy Massage and I noticed something interesting. While they typically felt very relaxed during a session, the ongoing relief from back painsciaticaand reflux was short-lived.

The annoying symptoms of pregnancy seemed to reappear quickly!Many of my mums-to-be had a busy work and family life and could not afford the time for weekly pregnancy massage treatments.

Over the past three years, I have discovered that when I treated pregnant clients with CranioSacral Therapy, fewer treatments were required to keep the pregnancy comfortable and symptom-free.

For example, Back Pain which can become very distressing as a pregnancy progresses was typically eased by treatments given only once a month. The other good thing was that the reassurance of touch was still there through the CranioSacral Therapy - but there was no need to undress!

CranioSacral Therapy treatment for pregnancy is carried out with the client lying fully clothed in a supine (on the back) position - or on the side as the pregnancy progresses.

Pillows are used where needed under the head, knees and abdomen. This is a safe and gentle treatment for Mum and the growing fetus and enhances the natural adaptations that your body is undergoing during pregnancy.

CranioSacral Therapy is safe throughout the pregnancy as it does not force a correction on the body but assists the natural correction tendencies of the body. Some mums find this a wonderful way to build a further connection with the growing baby in the womb.

Nowadays I treat many mums-to-be with CranioSacral Therapy as it is gentle and safe. It is also truly wonderful to see mum and baby return together for a treatment soon after the birth.

Shauna's Story.
Shauna came for her first treatment towards the end of her pregnancy as her baby was in the breach position and she wanted to avoid a c-section. During the session her pelvis relaxed and a feeling of stretching in her pelvic tissues was palpable to us both.

Later that same night, she felt her baby turn and this was confirmed by a visit to her Doctor the following day.

She delivered a healthy baby vaginally without intervention the following week. CranioSacral Therapy work can encourage the baby into a more easy presentation for birth and a well-balanced pelvis can greatly ease the process of childbirth.

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