Reflux in my baby

by Deirdre

My son was about 9 weeks old when I went see Carina as he had very bad reflux and crying most of the time. We would dread every feed as it was such a battle to get him to take a few ounces. He would scream during and after feed and was vommiting several times during feeds.

He was diagnosed with lip and tongue tie - craniosacral therapy made a huge difference. When we started therapy he calmed a lot in between feeds although the issue remained during feeds. He had lip and tongue release done recently. I believe between the procedure and craniosacral therapy he's now like a new child.

He's so much happier, calmer and most of all feeds aren't a battle anymore. Last week he drank his 1st 6 ounce bottle without crying or causing a fuss. I felt like I won the lotto!!!

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Jun 05, 2014
Feeding problems
by: Carina

Delighted that you now have a much happier baby and the "battle" has gone out of feeding time. Thanks for letting us know your story Deirdre.

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