Relief from Pregnancy symptoms

by Frances

Having had very positive experiences with Craniosacral Therapy previously (my 2 small children have had amazing results from it, especially my daughter - a long story for another day!), I found myself booking myself in for an appointment in the first trimester of my 3rd pregnancy.

I had never suffered from sinusitis before until then and was plagued with an almost constant stuffy nose. It made getting a full night's sleep virtually impossible as I would wake around 3am most mornings with a dry mouth from having to mouthbreathe and found it difficult to get back to sleep. When I tried to use the relaxation CDs for sleep which had been so useful on previous pregnancies, I almost felt like I was drowning when I tried to use to deep slow breathing techniques. I then developed pain along my cheek bone at one point leading me to think it was a toothache. A visit to my dentist informed me my teeth were fine - I had a sinus "toothache" rather than a real one.

To cut a long story short, one visit to Carina later, I went to bed feeling quite ill and exhausted with a pounding headache. I awoke that night at my usual time but quickly realised something was different - no dry mouth as I could for the first time in months breathe through my nose again. Thankfully the sinusitis hasn't returned since either...

Some months later I returned to Carina as my sleep was now being broken by pain in my upper spine between my shoulder blades. I could only sleep for 3-4hrs again before waking with the pain and then would find it difficult to get comfortable again for the rest of the night - often I had to get up and walk around for awhile before returning to bed. One CST treatment from Carina later and I am back to sleeping 6-8 hrs again most nights and when I do wake, it is with more of an ache rather than an insistent pain that I had before.

I can't recommend CST and Carina highly enough and would advise anyone who is pregnant and suffering similar symptoms to go and try it- it is such a gentle treatment yet capable of producing drastic results. I will be back shortly to hopefully ensure any easy final few weeks of pregnancy and easy birth as I experienced following CST on my last pregnancy too.


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Aug 26, 2014
Perfect for pregnancy
by: Carina

Many people discover craniosacral therapy when they are pregnant. Why?
Simple. In craniosacral therapy we use a very gentle touch and its 100% natural . No medicines, which is perfect when your pregnant.

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