Treatment of Sinusitis Symptoms with CranioSacral Therapy.

Do you have Sinusitis Symptoms?

When a client arrives at my clinic suffering from Sinusitis, they normally do so after having being already prescribed a series of antibiotics by their doctor.

Quite often, the antibiotic leads to other distressing side effects e.g. an upset digestive system.

However, the Sinusitis symptoms are typically only kept at bay only so long as the client remains on the antibiotic. What is the alternative? The good news is that I believe there is one. I have treated this condition withCranioSacral Therapy successfully over the last number of years.

Cassie's Story.
When Cassie came to my clinic, she was on her third antibiotic course within two months and had trouble with sleeping. She had a constant nasal drip, very low energy and was feeling depressed on a regular basis.

She attended for eight treatments in quick succession and her progress was erratic until the fifth treatment.

After this she made steady progress and has regained her energy and "joie de vivre". When she feels the start of her symptoms returning, she comes back for a CranioSacral Therapy treatment (usually just one) and so remains free of antibiotics.

I would like to explain her intitial treatments a little further. With Sinusitis, the restrictions in the facial and upper jaw bones were released and she experienced a VERY runny nose, popping in her ears and diarrhea.

This was detoxing of the body, and while distressing initially it helped to clear the Sinusitis. By the fifth treatment her distressing symptoms had disappeared.

Cassie also had some pelvic and lumbar instability which I believe was a contributing factor to her recurrent condition. With a release of the tension pattern in the Cranium (head), a softening occurred throughout the spine also. In my opinion, this illustrates the benefits of treating with CranioSacral Therapy as it treats the underlying source of the problem and not just the symptoms.

CranioSacral Therapy often treats this condition by combining with other approaches. I encourage my clients to start to pay more attention to their diets.

Often a Nutritionist will advise a reduction of wheat and dairy products as well as intensively-farmed and processed foods. Sometimes even when individual items such as Bananas are eliminated from the diet, then improvements during treatments are greatly enhanced and sustained.

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