Tinnitus Treatment with CranioSacral Therapy.

Tinnitus treatment is usually multi-faceted in it's approach.

In this article, I will talk about my own experiences working with clients on their tinnitus treatment using CranioSacral Therapy.

Tinnitus - a buzzing or ringing-like noise in the ear - is obviously a distressing condition. The Cause of Tinnitus can vary - wax in the ear, damage to the eardrum, and disease of the inner ear - as well as a number of less obvious causes.

In CranioSacral Therapy we aim to bring about relief from Tinnitus by working with the underlying cause of imbalance in the nervous system.

It also aims to reduce restrictions of the bones (especially of the temporal bone), muscles and ligament attachments which when hypertonic (contracted) can exacerbate the problem.

Susan's Story.
Susan came to see me when she noticed that her tinnitus appeared to return or worsen when she became stressed. We found that when her jaw clenched and her muscles tightened, extra pressure was placed on the muscles and ligaments surrounding the ear.

And back came her Tinnitus! 

But we persisted, and over a number of treatments her symptoms reduced (but did not go away). However, Susan found that the symptoms did not control her life any more - they faded into the background.

Joe's Story.
Middle ear infections respond very well to Craniosacral Therapy, but results in treating other sources of Tinnitus vary. This is due in part, I believe, to the severity of the condition. 

I am reminded of another client of mine, Joe, who's Tinnitus was so distressing that he wore earplugs when possible to reduce the external noise as this added, in a very uncomfortable manner, to the internal noise that he lived with constantly. His CranioSacral Treatments provided him with temporary relief.

John's Story.

John was a busy, successful and ambitious businessman in his forties. As is often the case many Tinnitus sufferers, he was also restless, anxious and very driven!

Over the past few months, he was having a particularily stressful time at work. By night - he heard sounds in his left ear and these prevented him from sleeping. Lack of sleep increased the amount of stress he experienced during the day - and so the cycle continued.

As we worked with the Temporal and Jaw bones, he began to realise that his body was being held in constant tension. As he felt he body relax, his mind quietened and his Tinnitus improved.

Results in treating clients.
Results in treating clients with Tinnitus vary. Regular CranioSacral treatments need to be combined with relaxation exercises to minimise and relieve the symptoms of Tinnitus. I have found that the best way to clear the Tinnitus pattern is to learn how to relax your body, to switch off and "let go".

With CranioSacral Therapy, I assist my Tinnitus clients in discovering how to do this. However, "letting go" for the Tinnitus sufferer which helps heal the problem can be their greatest challenge - but it can be done!

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